Houston based singer songwriter Leslie Krafka established her brand of Texas tinged Folk Americana music with her debut CD The White Cat Sessions in 2011.  She followed it up in 2014 with her well received sophomore CD on•ward, which debuted on the Roots Music Review’s Americana Country Chart.  Richard Skanse, the well-known editor and critic of Lonestar Music Magazine proclaimed, “Her songs are real winners too, full of buoyant melodies that never sag or drag and lyrics that convey both maturity and a young-at-heart spirit that’s playful but never fluffy.”  And he’s not inclined to exaggeration.  Leslie is currently focusing on her next music project.  And although details are sparse, she is planning on a new CD for 2017.  At the same time, Leslie continues to expand her live performance schedule.  These days she can heard around Houston and other parts of Texas with her favorite sideman Wayne Wilkerson. 
How it began: It was destiny when Leslie attended her first songwriter’s workshop.  An unexpected destination for someone who had never written a song before….or had sung in public…or even played an instrument.  Hosted by her musical heroes Terri Hendrix and Lloyd Maines, that workshop sparked a passion for songwriting, and started an enduring relationship with Maines and Hendrix that resulted in their co-producing her most recent CD on•ward.  “That weekend was one of those moments,” Leslie recalls, “when I said ‘yes’ and it changed my entire life.” Indeed, that weekend proved to be a game changer for Leslie.  With her new found passion fueled by hard work, she honed her craft and found early success.  Leslie was named Songwriter of the Year by the Houston Songwriter’s Association, as well as Song of the Year honors with Wandering Troubadour to boot.  Other recognition's soon followed.  Her first CD, The White Cat Sessions, was forged over the course of a year at White Cat Studios as Leslie and producer Jack Saunders honed her earliest creations.  Then more work, performing, writing and time spent at The Zone recording studio in Dripping Springs, TX, with the aforementioned heroes, and on•ward was born.  Now fully committed to her destiny as a songwriter, and all that comes with it…the highs and lows, the conviction and the doubt, Leslie is more in love with songwriting now than she ever was. 
Like any good writer, Leslie finds inspiration anywhere and everywhere.  From an episode of the Real Housewives of Orange County, to a day spent on a beach in Galveston, to a break up with her favorite bottle of wine….or a boyfriend, there’s a song in there somewhere.  Through it all, her lyrics reflect the maturity of life’s experience, and her melodies retain the zeal of one who’s young at heart.  For Leslie, songwriting and performing will be a never ending journey.  Please join Leslie on her journey and stay in touch by signing up for the mailing list.  Leslie will only bug you a little bit.  Also, find her on Facebook, Twitter and subscribe to her YouTube “TheLeslieKrafka” for all the latest.  And if you are a Venue or Individual who would like to book Leslie for a show or house concert, please click on the “Contact” button and tell her.  I know she would love to hear from you.  Thanks for stopping by.  Onward---

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