1. Black Cadillac

From the recording The White Cat Sessions

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Black Cadillac

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I fell hook, line and sinker when I fell in love with you
So charming, so attentive and too damn good to be true
I doubt you ever loved me; I was just a trophy wife
Now I can’t go on giving you the best years of my life

It was on the day you said “I do”, you thought your work was done
You sat back in your easy chair; I never had a bit of fun
I was just a door prize you put on display
That’s not a relationship, it’s a just a masquerade

So I got me a black Cadillac with stolen license plates
I put my guitar in the back, and now I’m cruisin’ down the interstate
It’ll be a cold day in hell when you see this pretty face
‘Cause I’m gone, gone, gone and I’m gonna stay that way (tag for outro)

(Repeat Chorus)

When you wake up in your beer stained shirt, I’d love to see your face
‘Cause I left you the perfect girl to take my place
She don’t make conversation; just blow her up ‘n she’ll be
Always there beside you lookin’ like a beauty queen

(Repeat Chorus)