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GoodSongs: Leslie Krafka – On·ward

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Here’s a sad little not-so-secret.  There just isn’t much of a music scene in Houston.  We’ve had some great bands over the years (Fever Tree, ZZ Top, the Dishes, etc.) and some fine musicians spent time here (Townes Van Zandt and others), but it’s nothing like the Austin or Nashville scene.

So, when I receive a review copy of a record from a Houston artist, you can rest assured I’ll take a listen.  In this case, I’m glad I did, because Leslie Krafka‘s new record is very good.  The music and arrangements are top-notch, as you’d expect from anything produced by Lloyd Maines.  Much of the writing and singing has a nineties-era Suzy Boggus vibe, and for those who didn’t know me back then, that’s high praise.  Suzy’s recording of the Cheryl Wheeler songAces is one of my favorite tracks ever.  My favorite track on Leslie’s new record is South Texas Fall.  This song is a 10 on anyone’s scale.


She does a great cover of Drunken Poets Dream that oozes girl-power (though I continue to lament the way many musicians and almost all of Hollywood play to the false myth of cigarettes as cool and rebellious (when they are, in fact, stupid, unhealthy and offensive to anyone nearby).

Wine Women and Song is another favorite of mine.

On·ward is set for release on May 3, 2014 at Anderson Fair (I’ve seen so many amazing shows there; Steve Fromholz being one that immediately comes to mind as a favorite).  If you share my desire to support Houston musicians (and you should), check it out.

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on·ward Now Available for Pre-Order

Yes, on·ward is available now for Pre-Order!!!  Now, you can wait until May 3rd to get the new CD at the show, but if you can’t make it, because you live far away, or you’ve made other plans, or you just don’t get out much….then reserve your copy of the record today, and it will be shipped on or around May 3rd right to your door.  Click on the “MERCH” link right on the menu at the top and follow the links to order as many copies as your heart desires.  Then at check out you can pay either with a credit card or Paypal.  It’s so easy a child could do it.  Actually, let your child do it.  This stuff is a breeze for them.  Thanks some much for all the support…..I appreciate it.—Leslie

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Rick Heysquierdo likes it…he really likes it!

My new CD on·ward that is.  Thank you Rick for the kind words.

“Having the opportunity to have seen the maturity of Leslie Krafka’s music  from the listener and the on air host side I can without reservation recommend her new CD “onward”.  The title itself frees Ms. Krafka’s writing and opens a new chapter for her and the music, with full respect to the process of story writing “Onward” is a complete musical  novel.  Ms. Krafka’s cover of Hayes Carll’s & Ray Wylie Hubbard’s – Drunken Poets Dream should appease the feminist and bring a smile to the opposing view of the song.”  Rick Heysqueirdo, KPFT’s Lonestar Jukebox


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New Video Whiskey High from my new record onward

Ok y’all….my first video is officially unveiled.  Choosing which song to make into a video was tough…not Sofie’s Choice tough, but tough none the less.  I have to say, never having done anything like this before, I was a little nervous going in.  But I was in good hands with photographer Mary Keating-Bruton and make up artist/drummer Terri Cote.  We had a rocking good time.  Next Troy Dillinger did some nice editing and BOOM, it’s a video.  So, check it out.  I hope you enjoy it.

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Terri Hendrix Has Nice Things to Say About my New Record on·ward

I’m blown away…having Terri Hendrix co-produce my new CD so cool.  People don’t come any better then Terri.  I feel so lucky to know her.  Here’s what Terri had to say about my new record on·ward coming out on May 3rd.

“Leslie Krafka is a genuine songwriter that writes about topics ranging from storytelling to matters of the heart.  She’s never trite and always seeking truth in her lyrics with a style all her own.  A little bit of twang with a saucy spice of city slicker.  It makes for an intoxicating mix that leaves the listener wanting more.”—Terri Hendrix/songwriter, musician, producer

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Happiness is reading a great review of on·ward

Krafka Korner

I am pleased to be able to report the return to action of an old favourite. Leslie Krafka’s debut album, “The White Cat Sessions”, came out in 2011. She has kept us waiting longer than we would have wanted for the follow-up but with “on-ward“, due out on 3 May on Smallz Records, she has finally delivered. And it has been worth the wait.

Looking back at what I laughably called my review of Leslie’s first album, I concluded it was “a bloody good record”. I have become no more articulate over the years, so will just say that this time around the same is true with knobs on. That those knobs are being twiddled by legendary Texas producer and pedal steel dude Lloyd Maines is a good start, but it is the quality of Leslie’s songs and singing that make the record stand out. Here’s an example.

Wine, Women and Song” – Leslie Krafka

One of the other highlights of the new album is her gender-bending cover of “Drunken Poet’s Dream”, the Hayes Carll/ Ray Wylie Hubbard co-write which both perform with aplomb but with slightly different words. Leslie does the Hubbard version, which marks her out as a woman of taste and refinement (no matter what the words say).

If you are thinking that Ray Wylie Hubbard and Hayes Carll seem an unlikely writing team, have a listen to these two songs and think again. The protagonists are surely sons of the same redneck mother.

Up Against The Wall, Redneck Mother” – Jerry Jeff Walker

She Left Me For Jesus” – Hayes Carll

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May 28th Show @ The Old Quarter benefiting the Galveston Humane Society

This Friday night make your way down to Galveston and The Old Quarter for a cool show benefiting the doggies and kitties of Galveston.  Admission is a new or used item for an animal, like leashes, bedding, toys or food.  One item gets you in the door.  Lots of folks will be there to entertain you, including me.  Cya there.


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Show at the Old Quarter this Saturday Night

Hey folks, a quick reminder,Hank I’ll be opening for Hank Schyma at The Old Quarter on Saturday night. Music starts around 8:30 or later. This will be a fun night. I hope to you see you there.

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I have my own record label! It’s called Smallz Records and you’re looking at the logo. With the new record “onward” coming out soon, I realized it’s time to stop procrastinating and get some of this stuff done. I also started my own publishing company called Smallz Songs Music. I’m following the advice of my mentor and co-producer Terri Hendrix from her book. Cry Till You Laugh – The Part That Ain’t Art. Thank you Scott for my new logo…I love him! #Onward

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At The Zone Recording Studio in Dripping Springs, Texas

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