About The New Record


I’m a singer/songwriter from Houston with a fondness for memorable melodies; an addiction to the twang of the pedal steel; and a soft spot for men of dubious character and the women who need them, or not.  On my second record on•ward, my goal was to create a successful marriage of story and melody.  Like any marriage, success will be best tested by the passing of time.  But with the help of my producers Lloyd Maines and Terri Hendrix, who know how to build a record, I think the songs on on•ward will last.
The record consists of 11 songs, of which 10 are original and one is a cover.   Why a cover you ask?  Well, for me, the decision to cover Ray Wylie Hubbard and Hayes Carll’s Drunken Poet’s Dream was born from envy.  I thought it unfair that a song that cool could only be sung by a man.  So, I decided to twist it a bit and instead of a song about “the muse”, I sang it “as the muse”.   Pretty tricky, huh?  Of the 10 songs that I penned, several are what folks call relationship songs….mostly bad relationships.  The closest thing to a love song is “Stay With Me”, and it’s kind of on the needy side.  So, to change things up, I sprinkled in some songs that were born from flashes of enlightenment, like “Beauty” and “Jewel”.
During another spell of so-called enlightenment, I realized I had been calling myself a folk singer, yet lacked any true folk songs in my catalog.  I immediately tapped into that wealth of information (accurate or not) known as the internet.  It wasn’t long before I was reading firsthand accounts of African American’s during the decades of The Great Migration.  I began to sense the spirit of a man telling me his story.  A story of suffering and hardship, but most importantly of hope.  The hope of Manifest Destiny, and the phrase “Go west, young man” which was embraced by old and young, black and white, man and woman.  And so, I saved my song “Freedom Train” for the final cut, to leave the listener with a message of hope.

And I will leave you with tiding of hope….hope that you will enjoy what you hear.

onward—Leslie Krafka

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