For the love of the song, or for the sake of the song. Which ever one seems most appropriate…the bottom line is songwriting is what drives me. It’s hard to take a turn off that highway and focus on other aspects of music, like practicing my guitar, or a vocal part, or even rehearsing for a show. Alas, those things are important too. But I digress. The point here was to share some of the recognition I’ve had the honor to receive. The Houston Songwriters Association named me their Songwriter of the Year 2010 and voted my song Wandering Troubadour as Song of the Year 2010. I can’t say enough about this group of songwriters….just a wonderful bunch of people.

Houston Songwriters Association


In 2011 I was honored to be named a Kerrville New Folk Regional Finalist.

Songwriter Serenade





Again in 2011, I was a finalist at Songwrtier Serenade.


Texas Music Academy

Texas Music Academy

The Academy of Texas Music nominated my record The White Cat Sessions for the Album of Distinction Award.  I certainly appreciate the recognition by this organization.  Thank you.

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